Low Vision Services

Low vision exams and therapeutic services ..


For individuals wanting to learn Braille for reading and/or writing, all levels of Braille are taught. Some individuals prefer Braille only for identifying items (clothes, food, etc…) while others want to learn it as a complete communication system. When indicated or desired, the use of a slate and stylus are also taught. Learning the complete Braille system may require up to 6 months of individual lessons and requires independent practice.

Daily Living Skills

Our occupational therapy service is designed to assist clients in maximizing their remaining vision by providing training specific to daily needs and activities. Our low vision occupational therapists can identify the best techniques and equipment to improve a client’s level of independence. Occupational therapists provide training in basic daily living skills such as reading, writing, meal preparation, financial management, home safety and medication management.

Peer Group

GAB Games Accessible for Blindness - Mary Hale 314-544-3252
VIP Social Group - Chris Carosella 314-356-0101
Peer Support Group - Kerry Smith 314-963-0696
BookWorm Book Club - Donna Neal 314-651-8630
I Can Tech - Brett Wilhelm – 636-544-5358


Trained Social Workers lead group discussions on adjustment to vision loss.


Transportation Specialist Rose Lawhorn will be your driver and set up all trips. Transportation is offered Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and serves St. Louis city and St. Louis County. There is no fee for the trips, but a suggested contribution of $5 one way or $10 roundtrip will be gratefully accepted to help offset costs.

Assistive Technology

Computers, iPhones and other devices provide independence in daily life.


Over 1000 people living with vision loss come to the Society each year for low vision exams and/or rehabilitation services.

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