Magnification Devices

Hand-held Magifiers
Hand-held Magnifiers in the Low Vision Clinic Exam Room

The Society carries over 250 different magnification devices, including distance aids and hand held, lighted hand-held, stand, and hands-free magnifiers. To personalize services in selecting the appropriate aids, appointments are required. Consultations are available through the Drews Low Vision Clinic (recommended) or with a Low Vision Therapist. In these sessions, we will evaluate and prescribe the most appropriate device(s) for each person.

Electronic Magnification

Dr. Lauer demonstrating a CCTV to a client.

Hand-held and table based CCTV’s (Closed Circuit Televisions) help patients read and complete near tasks in their home or in the community. Prices for these devices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Appointments are required through the Drews Low Vision Clinic or with a Low Vision Therapist to assess and identify the most appropriate device for each person. Based on personal income and expenses, financial assistance may be available to help with the purchase of these items.

Sight Solutions Shop: Daily Living Aids

A range of daily living aids are available at the Society’s office for purchase either by coming to the Sight Solutions Shop in-person, Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:30 or shop online. Large print items, talking watches/clocks, special kitchen aids, telephones, talking scales, health related items and leisure activity items are available. No appointment is needed to shop for and purchase these daily living aids. If you wish to have individualized assistance with the product, you may call ahead to have someone assist you!

Online Sight Solutions Shop

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