To begin receiving services from the Society, a Social Worker will conduct an initial assessment with individuals to identify how vision loss has affected their lives and to determine what services may be of help.  Short-term individual counseling for adjustment to the vision loss can be provided. Community referrals will be completed as appropriate including including such places as Wolfner Library for the Blind, Mind’s Eye Radio Information Service, free telephone directory assistance, religious resources, and the Missouri Rehabilitation Services for the Blind.


Both Client and Family Support Groups are available at the Society.   The Client Support focuses on addressing the emotional needs and adjustment questions of people who are newly diagnosed with a vision loss or who are totally blind. The group meets in an eight-week session. This support group provides the opportunity to learn more about vision loss and develop coping skills. It provides an environment for sharing with others facing the same life situation. Limited transportation is available upon request. 

The Society recognizes that vision loss impacts the entire family not just the person who has been diagnosed.  The Family Support Group provides an opportunity for the family itself to learn about resources, coping skills and how best to be of assistance to their loves ones.

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